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Drive by hand in usual way, or drive by toggle controller

electric wheelchair, power wheelchair,hub motor drive,wheelchair motor, hub motor
With Golden Motor's efficient, all-in-One Wheelchair Hub Motors!
Each of these wheelchairs is driven by
2 super efficient powerful motors
each with 180 watts of power.
The high efficiency motors give
a longer range of up to 30km and
longer life of the batteries and
The motor's latest technology gives
them a long and reliable life.
The motors drive the wheels directly.
There are no chains or internal gears.
The motors have have low inertia
which means a quick start, a quick burst
of speed and a quick stop
They will take 110kg up 12 degree ramp.
The wheelchairs are lightweight
The battery is 17kg battery and the
wheelchairs are 30kg without the battery.
They fold quickly and are easy to stow
in car's boot or on car's back seat
For extra safety they have built-in
electro-magnetic brake with quick release
Their footrests rotate out for easy access
The joystick controllers are state of the art.
(More details about the controller below.)
Their tyres are maintenance free
and puncture resistant.
Scroll down for more photos of XML08
XML10 is similar but has the large wheels

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery option :
24v 20AH LFP instead of 24v 10AH SLA
4 Kg less weight but twice the distance
and many times the life
+ $360
Golden Motors electric wheelchair Golden Motors electric wheelchair
Golden Motors electric wheelchair Golden Motors electric wheelchair

Wheelchair Joystick Controller
electric wheelchair joystick controller
electric wheelchair joystick controller
This innovative, state of the art and stylish
wheelchair joystick controller allows you to
move the e-chair in any direction smoothly and
instantly with its user friendly control panel.
It drives dual wheelchair motor intelligently
with a programmable microchip.
You can really feel your fingers empowered with
this state of art technology!
  • All-in-One, programmable Controller
  • 5 Speed Settings
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Parking Brake Open Circuit Detection
  • Parking Brake Manual Release Microswitch Detection
  • Exchangeable with other common joystick controllers
  • Online User Guide (PDF)

  • Longer Miles...Light Weight...Neat Design
    Cuts Battery Spending and Weight by Half -- GoldenMotor Power Wheelchairs

    electric wheelchair
    Foldable Electric Wheelchair : XML-08D, Gives You Extra Miles

    electric wheelchair
    Simple is Pretty!

    electric wheelchair
    Fold & Carry

    electric wheelchair swing away footrest 
    Fold out footrest allows easy access, adjustable armrest (note also weld quality)

    Comfortable & Relaxing

    Power Wheelchair Specifications:
    Product Model: XML-08D
    Frame: Aluminium
    Top Speed: up to 6.5kph
    Travel Range: up to 25Km
    Standard Battery Pack: 24v/10AH (SLA)
    Rated Motor Power: 24V/180W each
    Current Draw at Level: 2A per motor with EMB enabled
    Steering Controller: compact and stylish integral joystick with speed selector,horn and battery gauge,programmable
    Weight Capacity: 120Kg
    Max Incline Rating: 12 degree
    Seat and Backrest Material: fire retardant polyester fibres
    Safety Features: in-wheel EMB brake, brake release handle, seat belt
    Other Features: convenient back and front pouch for personal storage
    Colors: Silver, Black, Blue, Red
    Gross Weight (with battery): 40Kg
    Weight without Battery: 30Kg
    Battery with Casing (10AH SLA): 10Kg, removable
    Motor Weight: 7Kg each x 2
    Driving Wheel: 30cm pneumatic or solid tyre
    Front Caster Wheel: 18cm solid tyre
    Turning Radius: 55cm
    Seat Width: 40cm to 50cm adjustable
    Overall Width: 72cm
    Armrests: adjustable width and height
    Footrests: removable,swing away footrests
    Chair Packaging Box: 77X 43X 77cm (0.260 cbm), 32Kgs
    Battery Box: 20 X 20X 20cm, 10Kgs
    Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years for frame, 3 years for seat frame
    1 year for electronics, motor and brakes
    6 months for battery
    CE Certificates: EMC  LVD  MD