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Sorry, guys this is nearly 2 years out of date, and needs to be redone.
Over the last 2 years many more brands have appeared on the market,
but these are basically similar, with small variations.
One significantly different is a 26" folding electric mountain bike available from 

Comparison of lightweight folding electric bicycles from
several Australian electric bike shops
For the name of e-bike model and supplier see below

1 2 3 4
Cost $ (as at 9/6/12) 2199 1599 1295 1095
Wheel size 20" 16" 20" 20"
Nominal power (watts) 200 180 250 250
Battery type (1) Li-ion Li-ion LFP LFP
Battery voltage (nominal) 36v 24v 36v 36v
Battery position rear rack seat post built in built in
Tyres Kenda Kenda "thornproof"
Front light (wired to battery) no yes yes yes
Rear light (wired to battery) no no yes yes
Basket no no no yes
Back rack yes no yes yes
Folding pedals yes yes
Adjustable front head stem yes yes yes no
Mudguards small front yes, both yes, both yes, both
Gears 7 sp none 6 sp 6 sp
Controls PAS PAS Vari-PAS PAS
Throttle twist thumb twist
Weight with battery 21 19 21 21
Claimed range km (2) 40 50 45 45
Claimed speed kmh (2) 26 35 27 27
Claimed range/speed tested (2) no no yes yes

1. Suppliers quote the battery manufacturer's stated "life" of the battery.
This is usually "up to" 800 charges for Li-ion and 2000 charges for LFP,
(where LFP is Lithium Iron Phosphate, or LiFePO4)
In actual usual use you should expect much less, tho LFP should be twice.
2. Suppliers also often quote the bicycle maker's stated range and speed,
without verifying these under typical use, and so these are optimistic.

E-bike models compared :
1 = "Trekker" from Reef Bikes, Sydney
2 = "Electric Blue" from The Electric Bicycle Company, Melbourne
3 = "Happy Feet" from Ezi-go
4 = "Alloy E-Bike 12" from Value-e-Bikes

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