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So, you want an electric bike conversion kit? You've found the right site
E-bike conversions
For more ideas on converting a bike, (or any electric vehicle), have a look at EVAlbum
where many EV enthusiasts describe their conversions

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Electric Bike Conversion Kits with 200 watt output, 400 watt output motors

(or 250 watt input, 500 watt input, as they are often described)
for 26" wheels (other sizes coming or on special by airfreight)
sent anywhere in Australia * the more effort you make, the less the motor makes
Start here if you are here for the first time
Note well that motors with 200 watt output are the most powerful that are allowed on Australian roads
If ordering a more powerful motor you need to confirm that you know that
Electric Bicycle Motors
There are two types of e-bike motor - small compact motors and much wider motors
The small and lighter compact motors are :
200 to 300 watts and have an internal gear that reduces fast revving motor to the wheel speed
The larger and heavier motors are :
more powerful (up to 1000 watts) and the motor turns the wheel directly without gears
Electric Bicycle Battery
There are two types of battery : Sealed lead acid (SLA) and lithium
The SLA batteries are heavy (36v 10AH SLA battery weighs 14.5kg)
We do not recommend SLA batteries but do have some for use where weight is not important
Lithium batteries are light (36v 10AH battery weighs 4.5kg)
There are various types of lithium battery but to simplify there are what are commonly called "lithium-ion" batteries
and there are "Lithium Iron Phoshate" batteries (or LiFePO4, or LFP)
Almost all the batteries we supply with our kits are Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
Because they have twice or more recharges, or "life" than do "Lithium-ion" batteries
and for that reason it is worth paying more to have these batteries
For more about these see FAQ
There are several different shapes of battery and ways of attaching them to a bike
250 watt conversion kit
EZI-GO 200w geared motor
  • 26" front wheel
  • 26" rear wheel

  • Motor wheel alone $240
    Kit with controller, brakes, throttle $310
    500 watt e-bike conversion kit
    EZI-GO 400 watt gearless motor :
  • 26" front or rear wheel
  • 28" front or rear wheel

  • Motor wheel alone $250
    Kit with controller, brakes, throttle $320
    Note that on both of these the wiring is simplified without multiple sockets
    There is single water resistant socket pair adjacent to fork
    The wheel can be easily disconnected without undoing controller box and taking out a trail of wires and sockets
    EZI-GO 200W
    Rear wheel in garage sale 26" mountain bike
    Hill climb : average speed (no pedaling) 21.7kmh
    average speed (pedaling*) 24.8kmh
    Street circuit : average speed 25.4kmh
    Street strip : average speed (no pedaling) 26.2kmh
    average speed (pedaling*) 29kmh
    Note that this tested equivalent to Happy Feet
    EZI-GO 400W
    Front wheel in old 26" mountain bike from Salvation Army
    Hill climb : average speed 28.9kmh
    Note that the Ezi-go 400W a little faster than
    a Magic Pie 400W in a similar bike
    10AH 10Ah 36v Lithium Iron Phosphate
    on and locking to a slide plate docking with attached controller box $395
    Dimensions : 150mm x 60mm approx x 385mm
    Fits inside double layer rack

    As separate items:
    Battery $385
    slide plate and docking controller box $10
    Charger $35
    9AH LiFePO4 battery 9Ah 36v LiFePO4
    2 parts : Bottom part with controller attaching to seat post and
    battery above and locking to bottom part

    As separate items :
    Battery - 2 parts $370
    Charger $35

    Similar 24v 10Ah Li-ion battery $260, charger $35
    36v16AH_LiFePO4_E-Bike_Rear_Rack_Battery 36v16AH Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
    150x 82 x 428
    (too thick to fit in double layer rack)
    130mm rail, supplied
    Output lead supplied, but not a docking box
    input : 1 pin round
    output : 2 slots
    $615 charger : $45
    double layer e-bike battery rack double rack attaching to rear forks $35
    Single layer rack $35 (not shown)

    1. All motors are brushless DC motors.
    2. All batteries lock in place.
    3. Rear wheel motors have a lug for attaching a freewheel gear set,
    and the space available allows for an ordinary 6 cog freewheel
    Note : Some road bikes have a cassette gearset which is a different fitting
    4. For rear motor wheel you keep your gears and derailleur. You need to take off the freewheel gearset
    from your replaced wheel and attach it to the new motor wheel. A gear removal tool is needed.
    If you need a new 6 speed screw-on gearset one is available for $15
    (At present all rear wheel e-bike kits use screw-on gears but soon I will have
    motor wheels thathave splines for cassette gears)
    5. The space between the forks needs to be 135mm for rear wheels and 100mm for front wheels
    6. The motors and spokes are either dished or designed to be close to the centreline of the bike
    but some rear wheels may be a little to left of the centreline of the replaced wheel
    This will cause rim brakes to be not symetrical or rear tyre to be close to fork
    That does not affect the ride as the forward force is applied to the forks as before.
    There are several full or partial remedies depending on the kit wheel and bike fork.
    7. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are a big improvement on, and have twice the life of, Li-ion batteries.
    For more information look in Battery University or Wikipedia
    8. Freight is not included but is not a lot. Eg $25 to Sydney