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Go easy, go well, go free, go green on an Ezi-go electric bike..
an electric folding bike, or Ezi-go conversion

lightweight electric bike Happy Feet - the best value lightweight e-bike in Australia
Go easy, go well, go fast, and it folds easy too, so go ezi-go lightweight electric folding bicycle Happy Feet - the best value lightweight e-bike in Australia
Go easy, go well, go fast, and it folds easy too, so go ezi-go
e-bike conversion kit Best value 250 watt e-bike conversion in Australia electric bicycle conversion kit Best value 500 watt e-bike conversion in Australia

Go well, go easy on an Ezi-go electric wheelchair - best value electric wheelchair in Australia

These pages are about the folding electric bikes, conversion kits, 
electric wheelchairs or electric bike batteries for sale.
Clicking on an image should bring up a page about that item. 
The e-bikes here are all lightweight folding electric bikes. 
Caravanners and mobile-homers, and even cruising yachties love them because they can stow them, 
and when they get somewhere they can get around and enjoy the sights really easily. 
City workers love them because can go in the car, tram or train and then get them right to the door - 
no parking, or long walk...Plus, there are all the many benefits of an electric bike.
The latest are made with top quality parts to sell well in Germany and Holland 
and they compare favourably with similar looking folding bikes in Australia that cost much more.
The conversion kits can convert most bikes into an e-bike. You can choose motor power
for legal on-road or off-road or hill climbing use.
The kits have all that is needed - brakes, throttle, controller. Choose a battery to suit.
The batteries are LithiumIronPhosphate. These batteries have twice or more "life" than do the more common Li-ion batteries. 
The information pages have whatever you want to know about electric bicycles. 
On the electric bicycles blog you can read posts and make comments. 
To buy or to ask all you need to do is to ring. Of course you can come and try if that is convenient. 
All enquiries are welcome. Spread the word! Any sharing on your favourite social media, 
be it a tweet, a like, or a plus 1, is welcome.I'd like to have the e-bike that you want. 
If I haven't got it then tell me. Maybe you would like a light 26" bike. They'll be the next. 
Thanks, see you or hear from you soon, I hopeand go easy, go well, go free, on an e-bike from ezi-go 
David Kemp

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